Earth's song 

Earth's song

"Earth’s song" 

Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation - KORONET 


“There is a secret connection among Man, Earth and Love” 



In Universe’s Great Law Court the wind, the sea, the rain, the woods and the animals’ representative blame Man for all ecological problems. Symbolically a child, representing all mankind, is accused as being “Earth’s Future Destructor”. Mother Earth steps in firmly: “ You cannot blame children, children are our future! The only one to blame is the Dragon of Apathy”

The child leaves the Court and takes over the mission to find something really useless. Through an amazing journey of adventure and discovery, the child learns about the ecological equilibrium, makes friends with animals, birds, ants and trees and saves the Forest with a little help from the “Cloud Fire Service”. 

But when the child meets the Dragon, he loses his direction and interest in his quest. The Happy Recycler comes to the rescue: he transforms “useless” objects into musical organs and helps the child regain direction and find his path.  “There is a secret connection among Man, Earth and Love. Water your thoughts, your words and your actions with Love and you will see the world around you bloom” says the Happy Recycler. 

The child rejoices! He comes to understand his inner strength and power! He is now wise enough to confront the Dragon of Apathy and he releases the Song of Earth to be heard out loud in the whole universe. 

People around the world with their hands full of seeds, people who live by Earth’s wishes and example, they come out of their homes and dance in a great circle. As they dance, more people join in and the circle grows bigger into a massive hug around Earth! Join us!  

Director’s note

The drama play “Earth’s Song” won the praise of young and adult audience because of the distinct and loving effort that has been made to create an educational yet fun play for children of the highest quality. 

It is a hymn to Mother Earth and a tender song that hugs all Earth’s creatures, educating everyone on the value of “Us” against “I”. It is a song aiming to give our environmental conscience a wake up nudge. In tune with the rhythm of children’s imagination, the show carries them away with its humour, its surprises and its tight knit plot. Gigantic masks and puppets match the high expressive ability of the actors in a feast of color, music and dance. The children have the opportunity to participate in the show expressing themselves with enthusiasm and passion. At the end of each performance it is such a great blessing to be able to see the children’s faces glowing with joy and sheer happiness.  

Writers’ note

““There is a secret connection among Man, Earth and Love. Water your thoughts, your words and your actions with Love and you will see the world around you bloom”, saying that the Happy Recycler’s face was glowing with excitement and his eyes were full of optimism and faith.

... Myrto felt Mother Earth’s greatness and generosity swarm her, and tears brimmed her eyes because of the overwhelming gratitude she felt for Her.

“My palace are the blue skies. My wealth, the cool waters and the fruits of Earth. My strength, the evergreen forests and the oxygen in the air. I share these gifts Earth has given me with all the creatures on Earth, my brothers and my sisters. Dragon of Apathy, this is the end for you!” 

A hug from earth

And a sweet kiss from water

Warmth from sun

Love in our hearts 

... “Look! There are more coming! We are not alone any more! There is more and more of us! Together, we will build a world full of beauty and love and harmony! A world full of people who really care!” 

Free teaching material for Teachers

Teachers watching the performance receive our “Human Values” special edition magazine, approved by the Ministry for Education in Greece as teaching material to be used in classrooms. 

It is composed of 32 colorful A5 pages full of pictures, sketches, ideas for groupwork and drama play, crosswords, riddles, short stories and much more. 

Publications – Teaching Materials

“Earth’s Song” is also available in a 24 page, hardback cover book accompanied with cd.


Script writing:                           Anna Papamarkou- Leonidas Pseltouras

Direction:                                  Anna Papamarkou

Original music composition:  Christos Stamatiou, Stathis Skouropoulos

Music :                                       Evdaimon Amrotos

Costumes:                                 Katerina Theofanopoulou, Katerina Passa

Shadow Direction:                   Antigoni Paroussi

Set designer/ stylist:                Apollonia Theocharis

Masks- Puppets:                      Katerina Theofanopoulou, Anna Papamarkou

Actors:                                       Irini Andreou, Aggeliki Matopoulou, 

                                                  Christina Papavasileiou,  Anna Papamarkou

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