Mortals Eros Immortal 

Mortals Eros Immortal

"Mortals Eros Immortal”

A musical theatrical performance on Love



“Who are you? Who am I? Borders have disappeared”



Four legends narrated on a string of music, songs and unearthly sounds, travel us deep into the core of our heart. 

Plato in his Symposium refers to “the legend of souls” stating that the reason we fall in love is the suspenseful quest to reclaim our initial state of being, Completion…

We began our quest…

We met deer, fairies, legendary kings and finally Iro and Leandros. 

Dreams, expectations, anticipation, desperation, laughter, crying, all the contradictions of Love are the secret ingredients- the essence of the heroes of the drama play- the sea where we dived in and resurfaced this performance 

…Who are you? Who am I? Borders have disappeared…



Script:                         Anna Papamarkou Stefanos Ganotis, Moussaios, Plato

Acting:                 Anna Papamarkou

Direction:                    Marianna Lampiri

Music Composition:  Petros Xourafas

Set design:                 Dimitris Polichroniadis

Costumes:                   Ioanna Timotheadou

Lights:                         Eleftheria Deko

Poster desing:            Iliana Skoulaki

Photography:              Christos Iliadis

Assistant Directors:   Sofia Nikolaidi, Matina Nikolaidou


Actress:            Anna Papamarkou

Musicians:        Petros Xourafas (piano), Tigran Sargissian 

                           (traditional wooden wind instruments), Alexis Kostas(percussion)  

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