Red string 

Red string

"Red string"

A musical dramatization of fairy tales starring Maria Logotheti of Channel 0-6


Theatrical plays for schools 

“to Optimism, Determination and Friendship”



The fairy elves jump out of a magic box and tell us stories from the faraway Indies. Stories about queens and wise men, stories about birds and clouds, lions and foxes. 

They tell us stories about tears of joy and sadness. They say that all creatures are looking for the magic potion of Happiness. Really, where is it hidden? Who is the guardian of the secret? Is it you? Or is it me?

A red string is blooming

and the scent of jasmin fills the air

the truth is right here to be discovered

give it a twirl and let it fly away like a bird

A yellow string is unravelling

waiting for us in the rain’s braids

go on, be a raindrop yourself

gently water dearest Earth

A blue string, small sail on a boat

travels from West to East

pick angels’ colors from the heart

for all Earth to come alive 

Red string unravels

wrapped around the spinning wheel

give it kick to turn

for the fairy tale to begin

Director’s note

The theatrical performance “Red string unravelling…” is an original dramatization of fairy tales enriched with live singing and music. Impressive puppets (to man height) and imposing yet cute masks come alive on stage. Actors’ bodies are transformed into elements of nature, tingling the young audience’s imagination. Through dance, song and physical expression the performance transcends in a fun and educational way, the importance of values such as Friendship, Relationships, Family, Love and Peace. 


Script and verse writing:         Anna Papamarkou- Leonidas Pseltouras

Direction:                Anna Papamarkou

Original music composition:     Vasilis Kleftakos

Costumes:                 Katerina Passa

Masks/Set design/ Puppets:      Apollonia Theocharis

Actors:                     Maria Logotheti, Irini Andreou,  Fani Mitsopoulou 


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