"Stories for Dramatization" 

"Stories for Dramatization"

 "Stories for Dramatization"

(book accompanied with cd)

Anna Papamarkou- Leonidas Pseltouras

Illustrator: Anna Papamarkou

         Language:                   Greek
         Dimensions:                25Χ20
         Page count:                 64
         Book cover:                 Paperback
         1st edition:                   2006

         Price (includes cd):   15,00 €

This book is a practical step by step guide for Dramatization for children.

It includes 6 fairy tale scripts complete with suggestions for costumes as well as for designing and creating theatre puppets and masks. You are invited to create your own theatrical play using your sense of humour and your imagination. 

In the accompanying cd the fairy tales come alive with the voices of actors and with the original music composed by Christos Stamatiou, carrying children away in the land of Imagination. 

They can also be used as ready- made material for other theatrical plays and puppet shows. 

The book includes the following fairy tales- scripts:

The Peacock and the Crane by Aesop
The Sun and the Northern Wind by Aesop
The Greedy little mouse
The Magical Goldfish
The School Joy
The Cicada and the Ant by Aesop