"Earth's Song" 

"Earth's Song"

"Earth's Song"

Anna Papamarkou-Leonidas Pseltouras

Illustrator: Anna Papamarkou

(book accompanied with cd)

         Language:                   Greek
         Dimensions:                21Χ28
         Page count:                 32
         Book cover:                 hardback
         1st edition:                   2007

         Price (includes cd):   15,00 €

A modern fairy tale which aims at awakening children’s ecological feelings and their interest in Nature, Environment and the Earth. 


“There is a secret bond between People, Nature and Love. Dip your thoughts, your words and your actions into Love and you will see the world around you bloom!” 

The Recycler was very excited saying all this and his eyes shone with optimism. 

"If you follow a way of life that is of no harm to anyone on earth then your own example will inspire more people. And one after another, little by little we will all create an allmighty wave of change towards a better world! A world of harmony, balance and respect to Mother Earth! "

Myrto felt Mother Earth’s greatness taking over her being and her eyes started to water because of the sheer gratitude she felt towards Mother Earth. 

"My palace is the blue sky. My wealth, the cool rivers and Nature’s fruits. My strength, the green forests and the oxygen. I share these Earthy Gifts with all the creatures living on the planet, my brothers and sisters. Dragon of Indifference, your end has arrived!"

A hug from Earth and a sweet kiss of water, warmth from the sun and Love deep from the heart. 

Here come the others! We are not alone any more! We grow larger and larger! Together we will build a world full of beauty, harmony and love! A world full of people who truly care!